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Hearing a scratching noise at the front door, I - of course - opened it. It was a large, dominant-looking German Shepherd. And he was hurt. Inviting him in was my first mistake. Even after tending to his wound, he wouldn't leave. He wanted something from me. And he wasn't about to leave until he got it. Excerpt: I invited him up on the.

A stud is a promiscuous man who is rough and tough, also a chick magnet. A stud can attract girls/women easily, whereas a sissy is a derogatory name given to someone who is seen as having homosexual behavior or is a coward. Take up this 'Am I sissy test' quiz below and find out if you are a stud or a plain sissy. All the best, and good luck! 1.


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99. Purraise. 13. I'll keep it short and come to the incident. My cat has been stressed for a while because of moving to a new house and having to live with me in a small room for a while. And I was stressful because I lost my job, and my school was not going good. During an ordinary day, she had her angry moments when she tried to, and most of.

Man set his dog on fire after chaining it to fence because it bit his daughter. Latest figures show a 12 per cent rise in use at British labs. A total of 246 offspring of wild-caught monkeys.

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